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Join the fun Today!




All CLPOC Members in good standing are eligible for membership.  





The CLA provides the following for Canadian Lakes community:


  • Social activities throughout the calendar year

  • Medical equipment for loan as needed

  • Over 50 sanctioned clubs and organizations!

  • Members receive the monthly Lite Lines publication and the annual Canadian Lakes Membership Directory  & Buyer’s Guide




  • Promote friendship and goodwill among the Canadian Lakes property owners, their family members and guests.

  • Sponsor social functions and activities for the entertainment and education of the property owners, their family and guests.

  • Maintain liaison with Canadian Lakes Property Owners Corporation.

  • Initiate and fund projects and programs that will improve the welfare of Canadian Lakes property owners and /or the local, state, national and world community as well.

  • Provide information that will keep the association informed about its members & activities at Canadian Lakes.

  • Provide orientation meetings and materials for new Canadian Lakes property owners.

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