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To preserve and improve the fishery in Canadian Lakes, encourage youth fishing, provide education, and sponsor enjoyable fishing events for youth, club members and the entire CL family.  


Membership is open to all Canadian Lakes members plus their children, grandchildren, parents and siblings.  Dues of $10 per year cover from April thru March of the following year.


Annual Youth Big Fish Awards & Largest Fish Competition

All Canadian Lakes’ members, their parents, children, and grandchildren are invited to participate in our year around Annual Youth Big Fish Awards & Largest Fish Competition.  Both will use the same entry form.  Simply complete and send the entry form below, along with a photo of the fish and angler (if possible).  All measurements are by length only.


16th Annual Bullhead Tournament

When:  Fishing begins 8:00 PM Friday Night August 7 and ends 2:00 AM Saturday, August 8, 

Fishing Location:  Any of the Canadian Lakes Water bodies. (Shore fishing is usually best)

Fee:  $10 per person (Youth 16 and under are free, but not eligible for cash prizes)

Weigh-in:  11:00 AM Saturday, August 8 at the Pines Pavillion.


Entries must be received by August 7th, 4pm.

Mail or deliver names & money to: 

Sue Glazier

8339 West Royal

CL, MI 49346


Questions, contact Sue at 231-679-1938.



17th Annual Pike and Muskie Tournament

When:  Saturday. Sept. 12, 2020

Time:    9:00 am – 3:00 pm


Registration deadline:  Friday, Sept. 11 at 6:00pm

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