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History of CLA


A "Year-Rounders" Club was organized in 1975 to enhance the social activities at Canadian Lakes. On September 16, 1980, Articles of Incorporation were filed with the State of Michigan for the Canadian Lakes Association, Inc. (CLA), a non-profit corporation of Canadian Lakes Property Owners.


The CLA became the liaison between the property owners and the Canadian Lakes Development Corporation (CLDC) who were developing the area. As the years passed, the number of social and sports activities have continued to increase. Today, the CLA sponsors/sanctions over fifty groups open to all Canadian Lakes property owners.


In 1989, the CLDC notified the CLA that it was planning to turn over the Canadian Lakes common amenities within five years. A Changeover Committee was appointed by the Canadian Lakes Association to begin research and implementation of the transition process. Many thousands of volunteer hours were contributed toward this transition goal.


The CLA Board consists of twelve members, four of which are elected each year for a three-year term. Board meetings are held monthly and one annual meeting is held each year.


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